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Rolly Rhuna Rose of Dirty Mind (Rose)
Youth 2008, Dutch champ., Clubchamp. 2011
Born 02-12-2007 / Breeder: Koert Hesseling (of Dirty Mind)
Dirty Mind Ian Sense of Beauty (Shiloh), Worldchamp., Dutch champ.
Beauty Teri Irater, Dutch champ.

Rose is a fantastic dog. She is a real beauty but more important, also has a wonderful character. Very mild and sweet and there’s nothing that gets her out of balance.
There is one thing: Rose really dislikes the show ring. But after achieving her Dutch champ. title there’s no need for showing anymore. She can now concentrate on all the nice things in a dogs life. Mostly this means long naps after long walks.
She is a bit of a couch potato now she is getting a bit older.
In 2011 Rose got her first litter (3 bitches/1 dog). She is a perfect mother and is still teaching her daughter Amai what’s right and wrong (what else can one expect when your mother is leader of the pack). We hope we have our “Amazing Grace” around us for a long, long time.


Zaphira Zita Zugar Of Dirty Mind (Saar)       
Born 23-11-2014/ Breeder: Koert Hesseling(Of Dirty Mind)
Dirty Mind Ian Sense of Beauty, World-. and Dutch champ.
Cairnesund's Sugar Pearl

Our new darling found in record time a place in our hearts as well as in the pack. She's funny, affectionate, offcourse naughty but above all she is such a happy open character. We love her to pieces!




Cobby Randis Irater (Cobby)
Born 26-06-2009 / Breeder: Eva & Hanka Vobornikova (Irater CZ)
Eimhir Dhourak Sense of Beauty, Nederlands kamp.
Grayrory’s Drama


August 2009 Jo and Lammert went to the Czech Republic to visit Eva and Hanka and came back with Cobby. She came to us as a very small and cute puppy, only 8 weeks old. On the Familyday of the Dutch Deerhoundclub, she immediately got the nickname “Puppy Big Ears”
She had indeed big sideflaps. So cute.
Cobby is very sweet and affectionate. She does things her way, never annoying but in a funny way. For example: since she is a real creature of habbit it takes some time before she accepts something new, like a new bed to sleep in. But when she discovers how nice it sleeps it becomes exclusively Cobby’s bed. When one of the other dogs lie on this chosen place she keeps moaning and dribbling around it. She is a real outdoor lover and running in the fields and the garden with the other ones is the lust of her life.


Grand Fête Celtique du Triple Bois (Catou)
Born 11-03-2011 / Breeder: Marie Eugenie Vinen (Du Triple Bois, Frankrijk)
Brackenland Rumba
Bonnes Fêtes du Triple Bois


Catou, as this sweetheart is called in normal life, came to live with us in august 2012 when her former owner died (a Dutch lady living in France). Right from the first day she was introduced to our pack she blended in perfectly. Catou is a bit smaller than our Rose, Amai and Cobby, but very fast and agile. A very elegant French girl and an enormous smoocher.
People who visit us nowadays leave with clean ears, because Catou loves to please people by washing their ears.