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  • Tess
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Q-Rrens-Dax Diamond Magic (Tess)

Born: 30-05-2013 / Breeder: Agnes Gulyasne (Q-Rrens-Dax)
Treis Pinheiros Fibonacci (BRAZ)
Amira Q-Rrens von Hungary (HUNG)

Tess has a lovely open character, always happy never grumpy. Tess and Fien are always together and are BFF (Best Friends Forever). She is a real sunshine.

We love our little girl !

Bolo Badu Benthe of Dirty Mind (Fien)
Born: 4-09-2012 / Breeder: Koert Hesseling (of Dirty Mind)
Hobarra’s Dirty Mind Lexus at Brodny (VS)
Nikki van ’t Holthuus

For a long time (to be honest: only 8 weeks) we stood firm and told each other that we wouldn’t take one of the puppy’s of Nikki’s litter. But there was one little girl that already stole our hearts. There was one problem: she was also Koert’s choice. We were delighted to hear from Koert that she could come to us. He gave us his first choice from the litter (that’s when one learns to know his friends). Our Basje is in seventh heaven to have a playmate of his own size. They play like two miniature whirl-winds between the legs of the big Girls before they fall asleep amongst each others little legs. We call her Fien, this is derived from Josephine (a little word play: in Dutch this means Jo his Fien)

Some have fun. We have Fien!  


Christy Chubby Cassy of Dirty Mind
Born 05-01-2015 / Breeder: Koert Hesseling (of Dirty Mind))
Love me Della Val Vezzeno (Ben)
Alexia Alike Alexus of Dirty Mind

Our Chris is a happy doxie, the only time she isn’t wagging her tail is when she’s in deep sleep. But like a real Dachsen she is also very courageous. There is one exception: bugs, spiders, moths everything this size is approached with greatest caution. You never know what terrible things a ladybug might do to a dog. In our pack she has the benefits of being the little “young one”. She even manages to sleep on top of the old Deerhoundladies!.